Nierembergia Rivularis

In the remarkably full catalogue of hardy herbaceous plants, issued by Thomas S. Ware, of Tottenham England, is a pretty figure of Nierembergia rivula-ris, which reminds us that during the past season, we saw it in our own country in several gardens, and that it is one of the best Summer blooming hardy plants that we know of, and would be particularly affective in rockeries.

The Winter Aconite

A visitor to the Bar-tram gardens early in March, tells us that wildlike under the trees the Winter Aconite, Eranthus hyemalis, with its brilliant buttercup-like flowers, was in full bloom. In a country like ours where the first "blush of Spring" is so welcomed in early flowers, it is remarkable that the Winter Aconite is not more often seen.

Agave Parryi

This comparatively new Agave, named in honor of Dr. C. C. Parry, is now flowering for the first time under culture in Mr. Shaw's Botanic Garden at St. Louis. This valuable plant was obtained at considerable expense a year ago from Lake Mimbre in New Mexico. A twenty-year-old plant of Buona-partea juncea flowered the past Winter in the same collection.

Destroying Wood Lice

L.Bros., Buffalo, N. Y.,find trouble in their cut flower cellar from wood lice, and ask a remedy. These pests are fond of boiled potatoes; put pieces in new flower pots, with nice new hay over the potatoes. They will find favorite food and shelter there, and can be caught by the score.

Names Of Plants

S. C., Hamilton Co., Ohio, sends three small leaves for name. It is not possible to do this from such slender materials. No. 1 may be a Ruellia or Beleperone, 2 and 3 are Echeverias.

A. N. P., Cromwell, Conn. The "air plant " you send belongs to the spiderwort family, and is Chlorophytum Stern-bergianum. The other is Bougainvillea specta-bilis, an old plant, flowering but occasionally, and which was used a few years ago in "scean-ces" as "flowers from the spirit land".

Rare And Good Pennsylvania Apples

The Berks County Agricultural Society recommend the following little known Pennsylvania apples as particularly worthy of attention. York Imperial, a great favorite in Lancaster County; the Phillipi, a fine apple largely grown by Ezra High, Esq., and the Frau Roth-rock and [Champagne, grown by Eberhard Barth. The Phillippi, Frau Rothrock, Champagne, Dumpling, Baer, Heister, Hepler, Yost, Gewiss Good and Ritter's Sweet are varieties of Berks.