The Torenia Asiatica has long been known as a very valuable plant in our greenhouses, its drooping habit and profusion of blue flowers making it useful for so many purposes. Some time ago we called attention to a new Torenia, T. Bailloni, which had flowered in the Belgian gardens. This was described as of a yellow color. We have just had the pleasure of seeing this beautiful plant in flower in the greenhouses of Edwin Lonsdale of Ger-mantown, and it proves to be all that has been claimed for it. Its habit of growth is very much like the T. Asiatica, and the flowers are of a deep yellow. It is something good.

There are few who do not know the Torenia Asiatica, one of the most beautiful of our greenhouse trailing plants. A couple of years ago, Mr. Buist introduced to the notice of our readers Torenia Fourneiri, which had more orange to the other colors of Asiatica. The new T. Bailloni, as we see by a colored plate in the Garden has the whole of the limb or upper portion of the corolla orange, leaving only the thread and tubular portion purple. It was first introduced to Paris from Cochin China.