These now indispensable winter flowering plants, want a very light, place to do well. They do not generally care about very large pots - about five or six inches - but they are very much benefited by rich manure water.

The Calla Lily is now extremely popular. This also loves light. It must have a good supply of water, and good soil to flower well.

Towards spring the Cineraria comes in remarkably well for cutting. This is a "queer" plant. It is one of the easiest to suffer from frost, and yet will not do well in a high temperature. It also requires much light, and to be very near the glass. So also of the Pansy and Violet, although some frost will not hurt these.

If Pelargoniums are wanted to flower well next May and June, they should be attended to, and grow well through the winter. They want a rather warm house to keep them growing, and should be pinched back as they grow, to keep them bushy.

A good supply of young Fuchsias should be coming on now - re-pot as their roots fill each pot, let them not want for moisture or light; do not pinch off their tops, but let them grow rapidly. The temperature in which they are grown should not exceed 55°. A turfy loam, moderately enriched with well decayed manure, and well drained with charcoal, suits them admirably.

This is only an illustration of what all plants require, and any one who gets the exact idea as to how to pot and care for plants, could adapt the rules given to these few items, to almost any other plant.