It has occurred to me that your readers might like to know what new roses will be offered by French growers the coming fall, and I have collected all accounts about them and append herewith. As a comparison with the prices you get in America for new roses, I may say that here five dollars is about the ruling price for a recent new rose, and these grade down to seventy-five cents each for those of as recent years.

Tea Annette Murat (Levet). Lemon yellow, free bloomer, fine. Tea Alexandrine Bruel (Levet). Very pure white, fine shape. Tea Charles Legrady (Pernet Fils). Very fine shape, nearly full, light crimson or dark pink. Tea Souvenir de Wabnelle Drevet (Guillot). Large, full, white, shaded light salmon, center rose. Bengali Madame Jean Sisley (Dubreuil). Medium size, lull, fine shape, pure white, very free bloomer, fine for forcing. H. Bourbon Mile. Berger (Pernet). Medium size, full, light rose. Hybrid Perpetual Baronne Nathaniel de Rothschild, (Pernet). Very large, globular, nearly full; tine tender rose. Hybrid Perpetual AdmiralCourbet(DubreuU). Fine shape, full, pinkish crimson, tine scent.

Hybrid Perpetual Madame D. Wettstein (Levet). Cherry red, very free bloomer, good shape. Hybrid Perpetual Docteur Dor (Liabaud). Very large, full, dark cherry red, shaded darker, scent of Teas. Hybrid Perpetual Etendard de Lyon (Gonod). Large, fine shape, purplish crimson. Hybrid Perpetual Madame Pitaval (Liabaud). Large, full, light cherry red. Hybrid Perpetual Madame Stingue (Liabaud). Large, purplish red, fine. Hybrid Perpetual Monsieur Hosts (Liabaud). Large, full velvety crimson. Hybrid Perpetual Souvenir de Labruyere (Gonod). Fine shape, vivid rose, center darker, free bloomer. Hybiid Perpetual Gloire Lyonnaise (Guillot). Large, full, fine shape, vivid creamy white, center yellowish, fine scent, very free bloomer.

Best New Roses Of 1883

Teas - Baronne de Sinety, Clothilde Soupert, Edouard Gau-tier, Madame de Watteville, Souvenir de Rambaux.

Hybrid Perpetuals - Antoine Mermet, Alphonse Soupert, Eclair, Julie Gaulain, Joseph Metral, Louise Cietien, Louise Aunier, Madame Dellevaux, Souvenir de Leon Gambetta.

Dwarf Perpetuals - Polyantha Perle d'Or, Anna Benary.

Best New Roses Of 1882

Teas - Honorable Edith Gifford, Jeanne Abel, l'Elegante, Madame tOugene Verdier, Souvenir de Therese Levet.

Hybrid Perpetuals - Adelaide de Meynot, Alexandre Du-pont, Baron Nathaniel de Rothschild, Centenario de Camois, Fanny Giron, Marie Digat, Marie Lagrange, Madame Eugene Labruyere, Madame Rochat.

Hybrid Bourbon Malinaison rouge.

Best New Roses Of 1881

Teas - Beaute de 1'Europe, Etoile de Lyon, Madame Cusin.

Hybrid Bourbon Abbe Girardin.

Hybrid Perpetuals - Ernest Prime, Fortunie Besson, Francois Olin, Helene Paul, Marie Chauvet, Marie Bianchi, Ulricdi Brunner, Violette Bowyer.

Dwarf Perpetual Polyanthas - Anne Marie de Montravel, Cecile Brunner. Mignonnette, Paquerette.

Noisette Caroline Schmitt.

English Roses

Hybrid Perpetuals - Lady Mary Fitzwilliam, Earl of Pembroke, Distinction, Heinrich Schultheis.

Tea Princess of Wales.

Hybrid Perpetuals-Michael Saunders, Beauty of Staple-ford, Viscountess Falmouth, Duchess of Bedford, Duke of Albany.

Montplaisir, France.