For the past three weeks we have had very hot, dry weather, which has been particularly hard on Hybrid Perpetual Roses, causing less bloom than usual at this season. Those which have given the most late bloom with me are Marie Bauman, Marguerite de St. Amande, Marquis de Castellane, Gen. Jacqueminot, Baroness Rothschild, Louis Van Houtte, Eugenie Verdier, and Countess Serenge. Among the Bourbons, Hermosa and Appolino are invaluable, and the Hybrid Tea, La France, is decidedly the best rose for all purposes. The Polyantha rose, Cecil Brunner, is a marvel, giving a great quantity of perfect blooms.

While on this subject I want to say, that I have never been able to distinguish what many writers call a second season of bloom for H. P. roses. Mv roses erive a scattering bloom continually after the June flowering, gradually less until cut off by frost. They are cut back severely in gathering the flowers, but no other pruning is given them through the summer season.

Auburn, N. Y. [Here near Philadelphia also, Hybrid Perpetual roses have flowered continuously all summer. It was very dry about flowering time, ripening the wood. Then followed continuous rains, exciting a second growth, which is all that is needed for a second crop of roses. - Ed. G. M].