This cottage, designed by Mr. R. G. Hatfield, architect, of New York, is intended to be located upon a sharp declivity where a fine view, either upon a river or extended valley, is to be had from the lower side.



It has, therefore, a road front and a river front - the former having the entrance porch extended out beyond the line of the house, to answer the purpose of a porte-coohire, and the latter provided with an ample veranda connected with the lower lawns by a flight of steps.

On the principal story floor the entrance is on the south side of the central gable, into a large stairway hall, 15 x 16 feet, from which doors open into all the rooms. At the center is the parlor, which extends out on the river front, and by its end and side windows affords a view either up, down or across the water; the size of this room is 16 x 22 feet. The parlor opens at the left into the library, which is 14 x 16 feet, and has a bay window at the south end; and at the right into the dining room. This room is 15 x 18 feet, and opens in front into a pantry, 10 x 16 feet, containing a dumb waiter descending into the basement, a private stairs leading down to basement and up to second story, cupboard, shelves, etc. All the windows opening on the veranda should descend to the floor.

The second story contains six rooms. Over the parlor is the principal chamber, which is 16 x 22 feet, and has three corner closets. This opens into a small child's room, on the left, which is 7 x 9 feet. The three other small bedrooms are 8 x 14, 8.6 x 15, and 8.6 x 9 feet, respectively. The bath room is in the stairway hall, and is 6 x 11 feet; it contains the bath and water closet.

The basement contains, on the right, the kitchen, 14.6 x 17.6, provided with pantry, closet and store-room in front; at the center the laundry, with wash trays, closet, stove, etc.; on the left, the cellar for fuel, etc; and in front, a passage containing a water closet, the furnace, etc. There are two exterior doors, one opening from the cellar, and one from the kitchen, the latter inclosed in a lobby.

The side of the basement towards the river is entirely above ground.

The height of basement is 8 feet; of first story, 10 feet; and second floor, 8 1/2 feet in the clear when finished.

The walls of the basement, where against the ground, should be built of stone, and the side where above ground, towards the river, may be of brick.

Above the basement the building is of wood, but should be filled in with brick to the roof, as its position is evidently one of great exposure in winter, and it could scarcely be made comfortable without.

The detail of the finish, both on the exterior and interior, is intended to be plain, leaving the good effect to depend rather upon good proportion than embellishment. The cost would depend upon local advantages, and would average $5,000.

This design appears in new edition Downing's Cottage Residences.