Everything bearing the name of Downing, both Andrew J. and his brother Charles, is welcomed by the public with interest. It is with pleasure, then, that we read the announcement of the issue of a new and revised edition of A. J. Downing's famous architectural publication, under the superintendence of Geo. E. Harney as editor. Mr. Harney has been familiar to the public for a number of years as an architect, and his taste and designs have always been pleasing. No one could have revised Mr. Downing's volume with so considerate regard for Mr. Downing's tastes as has now been done. The literary matter of the older volume has been little changed, except in the matter of estimates of cost of building; but the typographical execution of the volume is much superior. Large quarto pages, with broad margin and heavy tinted paper, add greatly to the embellishment of the new edition. Fully fifty new pages are added, containing a dozen or more new designs of cottages and villas, by Mr. Harney; while a few pages are supplemented by Henry W. Sargent and Charles Downing, containing revised lists of trees, shrubs and plants, and the most recent and best selected fruits, with some account of the newer styles of gardens.

The entire volume is a most tasteful example in book making, and is of the highest credit to the publishers, John Wiley & Son, New York city.