R. B. Wabrbk, Esq, of Alabama, Gen. Co.. N. Y.t very kindly sent us a box of handsome Russet Apples, about the size of our Golden Burnt, (described in some of the books "English Golden Burnt,") but more of a grey color, like the Pomme Gris. It is very regularly formed and fair, but although of good quality does not equal the Golden Burnt in richness. It keeps well, and from what Mr. Wabrbn says of its pro-ductiveness, it iB undoubtedly worthy of cultivation. Mr. W. says: - "The tree bears a large crop every year; (this year seven barrels). The Fruit is good sized, fair and smooth. The samples sent, ate, perhaps, rather above the average size. They keep well till June. The tree is about twenty years old, and there can be no doubt of its being a seedling.11

The New York Horticultural Society, like the Crystal Palace, has been thoroughly resuscitated by Mr. Babnum, and people are crying out that Babkttm's name will give success to any thing. This, however, is a great mistake. If Babkum would sit down and fold bis arms, and merely wish for success, or beg assistance, his name would very soon lose its prestige. This talk about men's name* doing this or that, is perfectly childish. Success, in everything, depends upon well laid plans carried out with boldness and energy. Babxum's programme for the re-opening of the Crystal Palace shows that he depends upon his name for nothing. Societies and Institutions that are sighing for a BarNum to animate their lifeless bodies, would do well to observe bis management.

Wk learn from the English papers that Mrs. LawRENCE, of Ealing Park, has disposed of her magnifioent collection of plants, in consequenoe of delicate health. She had no less than twenty-three glass houses, and her plants have, for many years, been the finest in all.

Mr. Mathbws' remedy for the Curculio has been communicated to Messrs. Ohas. Downing, of Newbnrgh; 0. P. Williams, of Alban; and J. J. Thomas, of Maoedon; who are to constitute a committee to pat its efficacy to the test. We may expect a reliable report, but we presume it will require several years to experiment. Mr. Fahmstook objected to the large committee previously appointed by our State Society.