Two new varieties have been produced by that well-known vine cul-turist, J. F. Allen, Esq., of Salem. One is a white Grape produced by a cross of Borne exotic variety on the Isabella. This has been exhibited at the meetings of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society this year, and its quality has been unanimously pronounced delicious. The skin is thin and tender, the seeds few and small, with no hardness of pulp, and the flavor very sweet and luscious, without any foxiness. It is about the size of the Isabella. Mr A.'s other seedling is purple. It is not so sweet as the former, but sweet enough for many palates, and of a very high, vinous flavor. It is of medium size, and globular form.

These varieties have been produced in a cold vinery. Either of them are ten days or two weeks earlier than the Isabella grown in the same situation. They are now to be tried in the open air, and should they succeed here, they will be a great acquisition. -Boston Cultivator; November 4th.

We had the pleasure of seeing those varieties here referred to, and regarded them at the time as likely to be valuable. They appeared (one of them at least) to be in reality a cross between the native and foreign Grape. We have also heard of some other new sorts that have recently turned up around Boston, and of which we expect soon to hear something. The prospect now is a rush of seedling Grapes.