The complete success which has attended the introduction of this machine for mowing grass, and its fine adaptation for cutting the grass of lawns, has been fully proved by the numerous instances where it has been tried, and now in common use, particularly at Rossie Priory, Camperdown, and Kinblethmont, Forfarshire; Breadalbane, Perthshircr Gumber, and at many other nobleman and gentleman's, seats in England, as well as abroad. The machines are made to cut breadths of 42, 30 or 20 inches, as required, the latter being adapted to hand power. The machine perforins three different operations atone time, viz: rolling, mowing, and collecting the grass; and works with perfect ease, producing a beautiful smooth surface, and attended with great saving in abridging labor.

Orders may be addressed to Messrs. Alexander Shanks &, Son, Machine Makers, Arbroath, N. B., by whom further particulars will be given.

Sold by Messrs. J. & F. Dickson, Nurserymen, Chester; Messrs. J. & C. Lee, Nurserymen, Hammersmith; and Mr. George Barry, Nurseryman, Castle-street, Liverpool.