Stem, moderately large; perfectly smooth, even in the oldest vines. Leaves, small, seldom over three or four inches across; thin, smooth; shining on both sides, most so beneath; rounded cordate, not lobed; acuminate, very coarsely toothed; teeth generally larger and smaller, alternately; axilla of the nerves beneath, sometimes furnished with a small tuft of pubescence. Panicles, small, densely flowered, blossoming later than the other species. Berries, large, one-half to seven-eighth inch in diameter; black purple, or light green, without bloom, with a thick, tough skin; musky. Branchlets, minutely warty; (Scuppernong, Bullace, Muscadine, Bull Grape, Southern Fox Grape).

Individuals of this species often produce only male or staminate flowers; but upon examination, this season, of many vines, wild and cultivated, while in blossom, more were found female or pistillate only. So far as observed, all the bearing vines of the species had hermaphrodite or perfect blossoms, and the species is doubtless polygamous. All the blossoms observed were six-petalled and hexan-drous. Of this species, the only cultivated variety is the Scuppernong, a native of North Carolina, now widely cultivated. It is not dicecious , as stated by Downing and other authors, but with perfect flowers. Tendrils, green. . Bunches, very small, having generally two to four, and occasionally six, seven, or perhaps nine berries in a cluster. Berries, loosely set, large (five-eighth to seven-eighth inch in diameter), round. Skin, thick, light green, with minute brownish dots. Flesh, somewhat pulpy, juicy, of a honeyed sweetness, rich and luscious, of a somewhat musky flavor and scent Berries, ripen gradually, and drop singly from the cluster when mature.

The vine does not readily strike from cuttings.

There are said to be seedlings of this grape, with black and purple fruit, equal in quality to the Scuppernong itself. For ordinary culture - as it never rots, and is said to produce a good wine, it is probably the beat single variety. Single vines cover an immense area of trellis, and sometimes produce over twenty-five bushels a season. Quality, "very good".

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