It is a fact, that should be known to fruit growers, that in the fall of 1854, Havana oranges and good apples brought the same price in ourmarket, by the barrel. In 1855 oranges were half the price. We dare say many a farmer would go into the business and try to learn how to succeed in it, if he were told he could grow fruit of the value of the best oranges. Pears, though it was a good year for them the past season, were worth muck more, wholesale, than Havana oranges, and the market almost unsupplied. This may astonish many, but it is nevertheless true, and we hope will encourage those who have embarked in the business.

The American Agriculturist, published at New York, by Mr. Judd, for January, is an able number. We think we recognize in the trip to Illinois, one of our fellow-travellers. The Valley Farmer, of Louisville and Illinois, we read with pleasure.

The Illiunois State Agricultural Report, a goodly and most valuable work, shall receive attention in our next.