The rear portion is entirely out of ground, so that the kitchen, under the dining-room, and side store-rooms, are light and dry. The cellars are in front, and the station for a furnace would be under the right wing. This wing, not yet completed, will contain the rooms marked: the library, or office, and bath-room, halfway down the stairs, from the principal floor, yet on a level with the grounds in front The guest-chamber, with oriel windows, and bed-room, half-way up, entered from a landing on the stairs.

The second story contains the present library, over the dining-room, a chamber in front, with one large, or two small bedrooms in the left wing. The chimney flues are brought together over an arch, and rise in one stack. Our view represents this stack, topped oat with insulated shafts of brick, or terra cotta, linked.





The parlor ceiling has the joisting, and plank, supporting the deafening, chamfered and planed to show, instead of plastering. The walls are painted fawn color, in oil, and the doors are imitation of black walnut.

The dining-room ceiling is plastered, and painted a lilac tint, with kalsomine, and the walls are papered, a light figure, upon a darker (chocolate), ground. Doors - imitation of mahogany.

The hall and stairway are painted grey stone color, in oil; the steps oiled and varnished, to bring out the grain.

The porch is fresco painted, and coursed off in imitation of free stone.

The library, or study, above, has the rafters, purlins, and plate, dressed to show to the peak. The intervals between the timbers are lined with canvass, and papered, white figure on a blue ground. Four of the rafters descend to the floor, forming alcoves, of depth sufficient for large books above, and shelves for papers below, covered with curtains, moving by rings over iron rods.

The front bed-room rises, also, into the roof, but is plastered between the beams, and painted in oil, a view of which is given. I prepared a view of this room at the solicitation of Mr. Downing, which may be found at page 386 of "Downing's Country Houses".

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