(P. A.)

The vine often bleeds excessively when pruned in an improper season, or when accidentally wounded; Mr. Knight, in the Horticultural Transactions, recommends, from practice, "four parts of scraped cheese, to be added to one part of calcined oyster-shells, or other pure calcareous earth, and this composition to be pressed strongly into the pores of the wood; the sap will instantly cease to flow, so that the largest branch may, at any season, be taken off with safety".

The Smoke-house Apple has been twice described in the Horticulturist, which will account to "B." for the non-appearance of his favor.

(W.) - A good liquid manure for watering plants will be found to be, mixing 12 gallons of water with four pounds of the best guano, and allowing it to stand for twenty-four hours. This will suit flowers in pets. The same guano will serve three times, each time being covered with twelve gallons of water.

(S., Illinois) - The "red" and "white Dutch" are considered, by many, superior currants for the table, to the "cherry," "grape," "Victoria," etc.

(Curculio) - This vile insect has attacked the cherry in some places.