This, although a common border plant, is a great favorite with the ladies in early spring, but it is by no means an easy affair to force it early. Strong crowns are indispensable, and these must be sought for by high culture during two seasons previous to the forcing period. The roots may be taken up in the end of October and sorted, selecting the thick buds with their roots as entire as possible, and reserving the smaller for succession buds if necessary. The strong roots may then be placed in pots as thickly as possible, and afterwards plunged overhead in cinder ashes, and removed to heat as requisite. A moderate heat suffices for them; from 60° to 70° maximum of bottom warmth, and an air heat of 50° to 55° will be better than more, as they are apt to draw or grow up weakly. They should be plunged overhead in old tan, or any other light material, until the stems are fairly through the soil, and then the surface covering removed in order to stiffen the shoots. One caution here is necessary - they must not be exposed to light suddenly. When first removed from the covering their stems will be whitish, and it requires a week to inure them to the light, and this must be done gradually ,or the shoots will suffer.

Afterwards they may be placed in any situation indoors, even under the greenhouse stage. By these remarks, it will be seen that a bottom heat is essential, and that beyond that they demand little, except an immunity from the frost The soil at all times, most be kept moist; they abhor drought. - Iota.