Gilliflower Black.

" Striped.

" Scalloped. Alexander. Twenty-Ounce Pippin.

Pumpkin Sweet. Romanite. Cheeseboro' Russet. Pennock. Tewksbury Blush.

Recommended for Further Trial. Green Newtown Pippin.

The Society then discussed and adopted the following resolutions: -

Resolved, That this Society appreciates the horticultural labors of Dr. John A. Warder, and that we look with much interest to his forthcoming work on fruits, and that the President of the Society be requested to send him such specimens of the fruits now on exhibition as he may deem proper, correctly labelled for his inspection.

Resolved, That this Society would strongly urge the necessity and propriety of laying out specimen grounds upon the farm of the State Agricultural College, to be filled up with fruit and ornamental trees, shrubs, and plants, to be used as guides to correct nomenclature, and for the exemplification of the most approved modes of pruning and culture.

Resolved, That this Society adopt as their standard of nomenclature, the recently revised edition of Downing's Fruits and Fruit-Trees of America.