We have received from Mr. R. Buist two boxes of plants that deserve attention. Accompanying the boxes was the following, as usual, laconic note: - Rosedale Nursery, Philadelphia, June 10,1857.

"Mr. J. J. Smith. - Dear Sir: I sent you (yesterday) a few items; some of them, I know you have, but they are yet scarce, and you may find room for duplicates. Others, which are acquisitions, I know you have not, and editors are expected to have and know all things. Yours, truly, R. Buist".

[We wish you may never be disappointed. - Ed].

We are particularly pleased to receive some of these beautiful objects - the violet Wistaria especially. The Pelargoniums, for which Mr. B. is famous, are superb. But the list shall have remarks appended, and here it is: - Poinceana Gilesii. Stood the winter of 1855, and bloomed freely in a dry, warm exposure. Verbena Mrs. Woodruff'. A most dazzling beauty.

" Imperatrice Elizabeth, Already strongly recommended for its beauty and novelty of leaf. Glycine violacea. Quite hardy, quite new, and very valuable. Phygelius capensis. New, admired by Hooker. Have not seen it in bloom here yet. Veronica variegata. Superb. Juniperus oblonga pendula. Quite hardy, as we are informed.

" Bedfordiana. Do. do.

Rosemary-leaved Boxwood. Hardy. Viburnum plicatum. Hardy, fine, pure white.

Vitis variegata. A climber; has red, purple, and blue fruit, which we have not yet seen. Berberis Danonii. Stood the winter of 1855-6-7; golden yellow. Thuja decurrens. They are very distinct; the latter will most probably be hardy.

" gigantea. Do. do.

Saxe-Gothoea conspicua. A yew from South America; hardy.

Wellingtonia gigantea. Mr. Buist thinks this quite hardy, and that it should be planted in good loam. The English are killing it with peat; some of them suppose our oaks grow in peat. Pelargonium (fancy) Jenny Lind. Pretty pet plants for the ladies. " " Calabrian. Do. do.

" " Burk. Do. do.

" " decora. Do. do.

" Kulla. This has the new feature of a spot on each of the under petals of the flower. " albira. Do. do. do. do.

" Lagoma. Do. do. do. do.

Geranium Auber Henderson, New, white.

" Bishop Stow. New, scarlet. Both first-rate in their class. Achimenes Ambrosie Verschafeltii. New, striped.

Washington City, D. C, June 11,1857. Mr. Editor: I send yon this day, by express, fruit of "Vicomtesse Herioaut de Theury" Strawberry, that yon may see its character a second season. The descriptions then given will hold good now. "Fair size, bright color, firm flesh, and exquisite flavor;" the latter quality may be somewhat injured by late heavy rains. The weight of any given quantity of the fruit will be found much greater than a like quantity of Hovey's Seedling. Its foliage sustains no injury in the hottest weather, and the intense cold of last winter it passed through much better than any of the native sorts grows side by side without protection. In fact, I am better pleased than ever with the strawberry, and .other good growers in this vicinity think quite as highly of it. Respectfully yours, John Saul.

' [Received in good order. We have nothing to say against this berry, which has succeeded well in our own grounds, from plants sent by Mr. Saul. It is among the best. - Ed].