A Convention of the Pomologists of Ohio was held at Columbus on 31st day of August and 1st of September, when a fine collection of fruits of the season, were exhibited from diftVmit parts of the state, and after organization, and the forming of a permanent State Pomological Society under a constitution, electing A. H. Ernst, Esq. of Cincinnati, President, J. L. Warder of Cincinnati, Vice president; F. R. Elliott of Cleveland, Secretary, and M. B. Bateham of Columbus, Treasurer; they proceeded to discuss the value of different varieties of fruit in various parts of the state, and at the same time to collect the multifarious local names, belonging to some of our fruits, and place them so that those who read their transactions may learn respecting them. The con stitution states the object or the Society to be the collecting, collating and disseminating of knowledge on pomology, to the people at large; and for this end those who wish to assist and aid the cause can become members by paying two dollars to the secretary or treasurer. The funds are used in publishing the transactions; and the report of this meeting will be issued immediately.

The society forwarded specimens of many Ohio fruits to the American Congress of Fruit Growers which met at Philadelphia on the 18th inst., and also appointed delegates to attend the same.

They adjourned to meet on the 11th of January, 1853, when it is expected there will be a fine show of winter fruits, and at which time it is purposed to petition the legislature for "material aid." - Ohio Farmer.