This part of the business was taken up towards the close and the following twenty-two varieties were unanimously agreed to as worthy of being recommended for general cultivation on that stock:

Duchesse d'Angouleme, JRosfoeeer, Beurre d'Anjou, Beurre Diet, White Doyenne, Louise Bonne de Jersey, Vicar of Wikfieldn, Glout Morceau, Fig, Beurre Langelier, Faster Beurre, Pound or Dtedale's St. Germain, Cattillac, Beurre dtAmaulis, Long Green, Noveau Poiteau, Soldat Laborer, Urbaniete, Napoleon, Buffam, St. Michael Archangel, Triomph de Jodoigne, the extreme, as we think, in many cases, in regard to recommending fruits. This will be readily seen from the small number agreed to for general culture, and also from some varieties previously recommended having been stricken entirely off the lists. This will doubtless commend such decisions as have been made to the confidence of the public The delegates from abroad go home well pleased - delighted with the hospitality and kindness of the Boston horticulturists, and greatly instructed and encouraged by their skill, enterprise and enthusiasm.

The exhibition of the Society was grand. A great oval tent on the common, 200 feet long and 100 feet wide, filled with the finest fruits and flowers. A table through the center was occupied with flowers and plants. On either side of this were two tables laden with fruits, and around the side a table for cut flowers, vegetables, etc. In the evening it was brilliantly lighted with gas, and a band of music played at intervals and gave the scene additional zest. The competition for the premium for the best thirty varieties of Pears, twelve specimens of each, brought out a fine display, on each of the four tables there was a collection of thirty varieties from Messrs. WildEr, WalkER, Cabot and HovEY.

The President of the Society, as well as the Committees and members, were unceasing in their attentions to the delegates from abroad, and when we say we never spent three more agreeable days than we did among the Boston gentlemen, we only repeat the unanimous expression of all those from this and other States.

President WildeR gave a magnificent "pomologies! levee" at the Revere House. More than two hundred were present, we should think, including the Governor of the State, the Mayor of Boston and many of the most eminent gentlemen of Massachusetts and other States. The table was the richest and most tasteful we have ever seen, and this was the expression of many who have attended the most brilliant affairs of this kind ever given in Boston. Fruits and American wines were most bounteously supplied, as were all other articles necessary to a most sumptuous and elegant entertainment. The occasion was free from formalities - all seemed happy in greeting old acquaintances and forming new ones. Sentiments appropriate to the time were given and responded to in brief off-hand speeches. The universal remark was, that what Mr. WildER does, he not only does well but better than any one else. To this we cordially assent.

In two years from this time the Society is to meet at Rochester, and the North-West Pomological Society is invited to meet it There. We hope and believe that this general assemblage from the east and west will be no less pleasant or profitable than any we have yet seen. The time is distant and great changes may take place ere then, but we shall look forward to it with pleasure nevertheless.

We have made note of much that we saw in our calls around Boston and elsewhere, but our mention of them must be brief for the present.