The "First Annual Report of Prof, S. W. Johnson, Chemist to the Connecticut State Agricultural Society, and Professor of Analytical and Agricultural Chemistry in Yale College," has been kindly forwarded us by Mr, Henry A. Dyer, corresponding secretary. Here is something valuable, some real information for the farmer, which we trust will be spread abroad in an intelligible form by the farming journals. It is worth all the ipse-dixita of ignorant conjectures that form the staple of so many printed works; it is founded upon analysis, and its facts may be relied on. We consider it beyond price; it goes to the root of the matter, and without fear or favor tells us what manufactured manures are of value, what is their commercial value, and which are worthless; the Professor says the Lodi Company's manufacture cannot be recommended, It assures us that cotton-seed is almost as valuable food as linseed cake, and that it is much richer in oil and albuminous matter; that cattle eat it when mixed with palatable food, and soon learn to eat it with a relish; that it is also a capital fertiliser. "Next to Peruvian guano, this is a substance (cotton-seed cake) which, if its composition proves uniform, is most nearly worth what it costs." This report will be hailed by intelligent agriculturists as of the highest value; it inaugurates a new era; read and study it, all farmers.