It was stated by a gentleman present that Martin Smith, of Tarrytown, had sold $600 worth of Virgalieu pears (at $4 per bushel,) from less than an acre, beside nearly $100 worth of Bartletts. Another instance was mentioned where an old tree, growing in Western New York, had annually yielded from $20 to $30 worth of pears, at two and a half dollars per bushel. An acre would admit 100 such trees, and would yield annually from $2000 to $3000 in fruit. The tree mentioned received no cultivation. Dr. Ward had obtained from forty trees of the Bartlett, which had been planted only seven years, and which had commenced bearing three years afterward, an average of half a bushel per tree the present season, and had sold them from four to six dollars per bushel. T. C. Maxwell had trees of the Flemish Beauty seven years planted, and two years old when set out, which had borne two bushels each last year, and over one bushel this.

Profits Of Pear Culture #1

We have ready for our next number an article on this subject, from the pen of Lewis F. Allen, Esq., of Buffalo, New York; and from Mr. Chorlton one on the grape, in-doors and out.

Two New Vegetables are attracting much attention in England, the Cottager's Kale, described as a very fine Brussels sprout, the sprouts of which will not heart; and the Custard Squash, a very superior sort.