I have perused the notices of many varieties of strawberries in your journal for previous months, and in other periodicals, but have not seen any satisfactory and conclusive details, such as would impart to the reader the full knowledge requisite to make his selections under standingly, and with absolute certainty. Some excuse may be alledged in consequence of the last season having been particularly unfavorable, and of the limited period that has in most cases been devoted to these investigations. I shall not in the present article discuss the subject of sexuality and relative productiveness, but will leave that for a future communication, and confine myself in this solely to describing the characteristics of a number of varieties, so as to enable amateurs who are not already conversant therewith, to make appropriate selections for the objects they have in view - be it as regards large crops for market, or for plentiful family use, or for insignificant crops to merely gratify the fancy. The varieties which have an asterisk attached were originated by myself from seeds during the last eight years. p denotes the pistillate varieties. h and P denote those varieties which combine plants of each sex, and all the others are hermaphrodites or bisexual, and may be used as fertilizers.

1. Le Baron

Vigorous growth, very large, dark scarlet fruit, sweet, rich, melting. Highest flavor of all, and very productive.

2. Triumpk

Fine large fruit on strong stems, beautiful color, very productive. This is a seedling from the Early Scarlet, and a great improvement on it, being twice as large, and thrice as productive, and very valuable. It sometimes produces a partial crop in autumn.

3. Charlotte

Rather large, dark scarlet, delicious sprightly flavor, productive, but with very short peduncles. p.

4. Superlative

Medium size, being the same as Burr's New Pine, of which it is a seedling, but is more vigorous and more productive than its parent. Berries light scarlet, of a rich and spicy flavor. p.

5. Coronation

Very large, bright scarlet, ovate, tart but pleasant; on strong peduncles. Estimable.

6. Magnifique

Very large, orange scarlet, rounded, very productive. p.

7. Monstrous Swainstane

Vigorous foliage, very large scarlet berries, delicious flavor, productive.

8. Maximus Swainstone

Very large, deep. crimson, high flavor, moderate bearer.

9. Twice-Bearing Swainstone

Early, medium size, scarlet, oblong cone, rather acid. Very productive. Second crop in September.

10. Merveille (Peles)

Very large, scarlet, oblong cone, beautiful, rich and high flavored. Good bearer. This is the largest and most celebrated French variety.

11. Primate

Large, deep scarlet, beautiful, very productive. A good fruit for market, of vigorous growth and luxuriant foliage.

12. Crimson Cone

Fair size or rather large, oblong cone, bright crimson, beautiful, rather acid without sugar, the seeds deeply embedded. It is of very vigorous growth and very productive, p. There is a hermaphrodite variety which is less productive, but which should be used as a fertilizer for the pistillate.

13. Primordian

Resembles its parent the Crimson Cone, but is much earlier. It is very productive, but the fruit is rather soft for carriage to market. p.

14. Crimson Pine

Large, conical, deep scarlet or crimson, sweet, rich. Very productive. h and p.

15. Cornucopia

Very large, scarlet, conical, beautiful, good flavor, firm, suitable for market A seedling of the Hudson, p.

16. Cluster Hudson

Fair size, conical, scarlet Very productive. p.

17. Champion

A splendid seedling from the Montevideo Pine, very large, scarlet, oblong cone. A fair bearer for this class, and ripening gradually for three weeks. The growth is vigorous.

18. Estelle

Secondary size, crimson, conical, productive, peculiar flavor. h and P.

19. Profuse Scarlet

Same size and color as Large Early Scarlet, and much resembles it; of fine flavor, and produces twice the quantity of fruit resulting from its sexuality. p.

20. Sylphide

Very large, light scarlet, rounded or short cone, beautiful, excellent flavor, productive.

21. Spiral

Good size, elongated cone, pleasant flavor. Usually produces a second crop in September.

22. Tivoli Scarlet

Very large, oblong cone, beautiful. Estimable. Very productive, p.

23. Unique Scarlet

Purse-shaped, light scarlet, rich flavor, moderate bearer.

24. Bishop's Orange

The true variety is round, of moderate size and beautiful orange scarlet color, not high flavored, but a profuse bearer, and particularly desirable as one of the later varieties that follow the general crop. There is a spurious variety cultivated at Rochester and at Boston under this name, which we published in our rejected lists many years since. p.

25. Boston Pine

Large and splendid, of beautiful color and fine quality. It will produce a fair crop on a strong soil, if kept free from runners. It is one among the many important acquisitions for which we are indebted to the Messrs. Hovey, of Boston.

26. Hovey's Seedling

It seems almost superfluous to describe this very large and splendid crimson variety. The foliage is broad and luxuriant, not as tall as most other varieties. The berries are rather dark colored for a market fruit, and vary greatly in size at the different pickings, and they are not as high flavored as the preceding variety. It is however so large and productive, that but few will be willing to dispense with it p.

27. Huntsman' s Pistillate

A seedling of Montevideo Pine, very large, short cone or rounded, bright scarlet, indifferent flavor. Very productive. p.

28. Triumphant Montevideo

Monstrous size, ovate, deep scarlet. A fair bearer for this class, which ripens its fruit gradually. There are several other fine varieties known as the Colonia, Cordova, Parana, etc..

29. Crescent Seedling

This being newly introduced from the south, its merits as regards a northern climate require further trial. The plants have not as yet shown any perpetual character here. Hovey's Seedling has proved equally as perpetual or long-bearer at the south as the Crescent, the climate apparently imparting that character. (To be continued).