THE following is an extract from a letter, dated July 25th, from Dr. John H. Bayne,*of Washington City, who grows Strawberries very extensively for market. We should be glad to have a list of such other kinds as he grows, with an estimate of their value for market. All our readers, indeed, who raise Strawberries for market, would be doing a good service by sending us the names of the two or three kinds which they have found most profitable. Dr. Bayne remarks as follows:

"I have had a very fine and abundant crop of Strawberries the past season. The most profitable variety has been the Jenny Lind. I had them very early, and in large quantities, in market in advance of every body else. I ought to have made several hundred dollars every morning from the sale of them, and, but for the times, should have done so. However, I can not complain; I succeeded much better than I expected.

"Jenny Lind is the most reliable early variety I have ever cultivated. 1 shall cultivate it almost exclusively for an early crop. It is very beautiful in color, very early and tolerably productive, good size and flavor. 1 shall cultivate Jenny Lind and Prince's Magnate very extensively. They embrace every quality necessary to render them profitable for market, and if I were confined to two varieties, with my experience, I would unhesitatingly prefer these two. The Magnate is very large, productive, and fine in color. I have fully tested the merits of Wilson's Albany; it is quite large in size, and the most profuse bearer I ever saw. Notwithstanding its great productiveness, I shall not cultivate it to any great extent It is exceedingly acid, and defective in the Strawberry aroma. It over-bears, and, 1 think, in dry seasons, will only ma-ture a small portion of its fruit of good size. I have not seen any variety which continues to afford such a succession of large berries as Prince's Magnate".