Two Dollars per year - Four copies for Six Dollars. All payments to be made in advance. Specimen numbers furnished on application.

All business letters and communications to be addressed to the Proprietors.


Terms #1

One copy, one year, payable in advance, .-.--- Two DollaRS.

Four copies, one year, ..... - - Six DollaRS.

Six copies for Nine Dollars and a Seventh copy to the one getting up the club .

The Edition with Colored Plates.

One copy, one year, payable in advance,...... Five Dollars.

Four oopies, one year,.......... Fifteen Dollarbs.

Single numbers, plain edition, 18 cents. Single numbers, colored edition, 42 cents.

Specimen numbers mailed upon receipt of their price.

Volumes commence with the January number, are indexed accordingly, and we send from that number unless otherwise ordered, but subscriptions may commence with any number at the option of the subscriber.

New subscribers will be furnished with the volumes for 1855, '56, '57, '58, '59 and '60 bound in neat cloth, for $12.

Terms #2

Three Dollars a year, in advance, which entitles the Subscriber to his choice of the two very fine Steel Engravings, vis:

"Robert Burns composing the Cotter's Saturday Night," and "The Merry Making in the Olden Time".

Two copies Five Dollars - Three copies Six Dollars. Teachers, Postmasters, Editors, and Clergymen, supplied at Two Dollars.

Terms #3

One copy $1.50; six copies $8 ; ten copies $12; fifteen copies $17; twenty copies $22; thirty copies $32; forty copies $42; fifty copies $50 (only $1 each /) payable strictly in advance.

Jan. & Feb. Eight Months for all Eighteen Months for $2!!;

12 Horticulturist Advertising Sheet - January, 1862.

A Seasonable Announcement - which please Read, and Proclaim to your Acqusintanoes.

Terms #4

$2 per year, payable in advance; 5 copies, $8; 18 copies, $20; 21 copies, $60.

Address, THE PUBLISHERs OF THE METHODIST, No. 7 Beekman St., New York.