One copy of the Ohio Valley Farmer and Franklin Almanac, one year, $1.00; three copies of the Farmer and Almanac, $2.50, and an extra copy of the Almanac to the getter-up of the club; six copies of the Farmer and Almanac, $5.00, and an extra copy to the getter-up of the club, at Muff-price; twelve copies of the Farmer and Almanac. $10.00, and an extra copy to the getter-up of the club; twenty-five copies of the Farmer and Almanac for $20.00, and three extra copies to the getter-np of the club. Specimen copies of the Farmer sent free when desired. Addres9 all letters to B.F. San food, Cincinnati, 0.

The Franklin Almanac, for the five years it has been published, has had an immense sale. The following are some of the testimonials in its favor:

Brimfield, Illinois, January 26,1857.

Mr. Sanford, - I received the dozen Franklin Almanacs on Saturday at 11 o'clock, and by 2 o'clock they wart all sold. I think I can sell twice as many more. C. CADY, P. M.

Johnsville, Ohio, January 80,1857. B. F. Sanford, esq., - I have just seen a copy of your Franklin Almanac, with which 1 am highly pleased. inclosed is two dollars. Send me this amount in "Almunacs," by return of mail. ELIHU THOMPSON.

Johnsville, Orio, January 80,1857. B. F. Sanford, Esq. : Dear Sir, - I obtained five Franklin Almanacs from you to sell, and sold them all in 20 minutes after they arrived. 8. M. HICK, P. M.

Camden Station, Lorain Co., O., January 27,1857. B. F, Saxford, - Your Franklin Almanacs were received yesterday morning, and are all sold. Inclosed yon will flat $2 for ten more. It is rather late, but I think I can sell that many, as they seem to first rate.

J. H. WEEKS, P. M.

Washburn, Illinois, January 80,1857. B. F. Sanford, - We received the one dozen Franklin Almanacs, and they are all sold. They are the nicest things we have seen, and they sell! Send on another dozen for the money Inclosed. CUSHING & JENKINS.

Post Oftice, Marion, Linn Co., Iowa, March 18,1857. B.F. Sanford, - By yesterday's mail we received ten Franklin Almanacs from you, which are all sold, In-dORfld are two dollars in payment. H. H. WELCH, P. M.

Paoli, Indiana, February 7,1857. B. F. Sanford, - Your five Franklin Almanaca came to hand yesterday. Notwithstanding that our place is fooded with Almanacs of many kinds, given away "free gratia for nothing" yours are all sold, and I could sell one or two dozen more. J. DOUGHERTY, P. M.

Bellevus, Jackson Co., Iowa, March 19,1857. B. F. Sanford. - I received five Franklin Almanaco from you last week, which sold immediatly.

J. P. FOLEY, P. M.

Lacon, ILLINOIS, March 28,1857. B. F. SANFORD, - Tour one dozen Franklin Almanacs seat me were received, and went of like hot cakes!


Post OFFICE, Averdeen, Ohio, January 28,1857. B. F. Sanford, - The package of Franklin Almanacs arrived yesterday, and were all sold before night! Send me some more. A. MITCHELL, P.M.

Montrose. Lse Co., Iowa, March 17,1857. MR B. F. Sanford, - We received those twelve Franklin Almanacs this morning at the Post Office, and sold nine of then before tee got back to the store ! G. G. HAMILTON & CO.

Crown POINT, LasE Co., Indiana, 1857. B. F. SANFORD - A few days ago I had the pleasure of receiving firs copies of your very valuable Franklin Al-manac, which I disposed of at once. You can send me me many as you choose. Z. P. BARLEY, p. M.

Julien, Iowa, February 24,1857. B. F. SANFORD, Ciscimani, - Send me a dollar's worth of your Franklin Almanacs, with watch I and the people horsebouts eery much enamored / S. F. HENRY.

Washington, Georoia, March 6,1857.

B.F. Banford, Esq., Cincinnati: Dear Sir, - I have sold the twenty copies of your Franklin Almanac and Wary, watch I received from you a short time since. And if I had had them shortly after Christmas, I could save sold one hundred of them. G. F. BUCHANAN.


A Book which will not be forgotten.

Terms #1

Annual Subscription, TWO DOLLARS; four copies, SIX DOLLARS. Bound Vol, umes for 1860 and 1861, and subscription for 1862, FIVE DOLLARS. Specimen Numbers gratis.

Edition with Colored Plates.

Annual Subscription, FIVE DOLLARS; four copies, FIFTEEN DOLLARS. Bound Volumes for 1860 and 1861, and Subscription for 1862, TEN DOLLARS.

Premium for Clubs of Six or Twelve.

Any one remitting as NINE DOLLARs annually in davance for Six Copies, will receive a seventh copy gratis, as many years as the Club is maintained, and for EIGHTEEN DOLLARs annually in advance for Twelve Copies, we will send gratis a copy of the edition with Colored Plates.


Hoveys Magazine of Horticulture, Boston, for .... $3 00

Country Gentleman, Albany, for....... 3 00

Gardener's Monthly, Philadelphia,....... 2 80

With any $3 Magazine or Paper, @ ....... 3 75 $2 " " @......• . 8 00

" $1 " @ . ... 2 30

We will sell singly at $2 50 each, Volumes for 1854,1855,1856,1859,1860, and 1861, handsomely bound in cloth.

We will sell in sets only 1854 to 1861 inclusive, Eight Volumes, bound in cloth, for $16, or give them as a premium for Twenty-five Subscribers at $2 each.

Volumes for 1859, '60, and '61, bound in cloth, $6, or will give them as a premium for Eight Subscribers at $2 each.

Complete Sets for Sale, 1846 to 1861 inclusive, 16 volumes, (5 volumes with Colored Plates,) handsomely bound, library style; $50.

Wanted, volumes 3,4, 5,8, and 13, or any numbers thereof, in exchange for New Subscriptions at their value.


37 Park Row, New York City.


Terms #1

One copy, one year, invariably in advance..........................................Two Dollars.

Four copies " " " " .........................................Six Dollars.

Bound Volumes for I860, 1861, and 1862, and subscription for 1863...............SEVEN Dollars.

Terms #1

One Copy, one year, payable in advance, - - - $2 00

Four Copies, " " " " - . 6 00

Magazine of Horticulture and Horticulturist, - - 8 00


Dec. & Jan HOVEY& CO., 23 Kilb Street, Boston.