Seventh year cut, 2,400 grape stakes, net value at 5 cents' each, 8120; 14th year, 4,000 fence posts, at 25 cents each, net value, $1,000; 21st year, 600 trees, at three dollars each, net value, $1,800; 30th year, 300 trees at twenty dollars each, net value, $6,000. Total, $8,920.

In this estimate we have noted the net proceeds of the timber out from the " forest proper." Three hundred trees now stand to grow on for future forest. Cut them away now and they are worth six thousand dollars. Let them remain ten years longer, and their net value is $9,000. Let them grow on twenty years, and they are worth $15,000. Making the total income from a single acre of timber plantation to be not less than Twenty-five Thousand Dollars in fifty years. A snug fortune to the young man who plants, and a rich inheritance to his children.

There is scarcely a man in the country who owns forty, or even twenty acres, but who can plant one acre. Nor one who owns 160 acres but could plant 10 (ten) acres.

These estimates are based on present values. Thirty years hence, they will doubtless be doubled. D. C. Scofield.