The journal of the fourth annual meeting of the United States Agricultural Society for 1856, has been edited by the Secretary, W. S. King, and Part I. is published. It forms an important contribution, and we hope will be extensively read. Lieut. Maury's paper on the subject of Observations on Land with Regard to Climatic Influences, is full, as usual, of truth and practical import. This Society is preeminently useful, and its proceedings are replete with information. We shall take occasion to allude to them again.

It Is a settled matter, that the next exhibition of the United States Agricultural Society will be held in this city, on the 7th of October. The objects of exhibition will be horses and horned cattle, swine and sheep, agricultural implements, cereal and vegetable products, poultry, native fruits, and wines. We anticipate the greatest turn-out ever seen in America.

By the way, we have on our table the speech of the Hon. John Bell, of Tennessee, to the Senate, on the Naval Retiring Board, highly just to Lieut. Maury. At least, it was a mistake, which the Legislature should rectify, to pass an unjust sentence on our most scientific officer, one whom it is an honor to the country to honor. This mistake we look upon as no better than a crime.