At the Crystal Palace Exhibition near London, a Mr. Salter, among other variegated plants, showed a strawberry and a lily of the valley.

Variegated Plants #1

Aspidistra lurid a variegata; Ananassa sativa variegata; Begonia Griffithii; B. Rex; B. picta (the flowers of this species contrast finely with the foliage); Caladium bicolor; C. poecile; C. Chantinii; C.argyritis; Croton picta; C. variegatuni; Dieff-enbaohia seguina picta; Dioscorea discolor; Dracsena terminalis; D. nobilis; Farfuginm grande; Hydrangea Japonica variegata; Maranto pardina; M. Regalis; M. vittata; M. Warscewuu; M. zebrina; Pandanus Javanicus variegatus; Sonerila margaritacea; Tradescantia discolor vittata. Bard-wooded Climbers. - Kennedya Marryattss, scarlet; K. Comptoniana, blue; nigricans, purple, green; K. macrophylla, large-leaved and yellow. Evergreen Shrubs. - Acacia armata: A. affinis; A. dealbata; A. spectabilis; A. grandis; and the orange tribe. A strong grower, of rather rambling and herbaceous growth, is Coboea scandens: one plant would soon fill a house. Succulents. - Cereus speciosissimus; Epiphyllom speciosnm; E. Jenkinsonii; E. Ackermanii. Any of these divisions will render a back wall interesting.