This salad is easily raised wherever there is a well or pump. Take seven flooring boards, and make a tank four feet wide.and one deep; pitch the seams, and sink in the earth; fill with good soil, and set plants. Run in all spilt water.

I have raised it in this way for three years, a bed of the above size furnishing an ample supply. The last two years I sashed it, and cut from 1st of May until the middle of December. It should have a warm aspect, to get it in bearing early, but is better shaded by an arbor of beans, squash, etc., in July and August, or the sun is apt to cook it.

[ "Brooklyn" has a peculiarly practical mind. He wastes no blows; but hits the nail right on the head till it is driven home, and then stops. A few more light blows by way of finish would seem to be all that is needed to make every thing " right and tight." The above is a very simple and practicable mode of growing cress, and puts it within the reach of numbers who might otherwise be deprived of it. It is one of our best salads. - Ed].

Water Cress 160025

Water Cress #1

We notice this plant (Nasturtium Officinale; in the cold spring waters of Northern New Jersey. It is also in the cold springs at the south end of the Cayuga lake, N. Y.

Mr. Sanders, the long known and highly esteemed curator of plants of the Agricultural Department at Washington, D. C, says the Walter was one of the best there this season.

Pear orchards on the Cayuga lake, N. Y., paid well this year, as they did last. New York and Philadelphia are the best markets for pears.

Cannot some potato cultivator give us views of the best new potatoes?

The secret of no potato rot is to plant no sort over ten years old - that is, ten years since it originated from the seed. England and Ireland neglected this, and hence its rot this year. Please tell them so, Editor of Horticulturist.

S. J. Parker, M.D.