The "Mountain Sweet" Watermelon has, for many years, been universally conceded to be the best market variety cultivated in the Middle States. Of late, however, it has lost some of the qualities that recommended it so highly to favor. This deterioration has probably been owing to the influence of pollen from inferior kinds grown in its vicinity. For the last three years, a member of the Committee has been procuring, from the South, and chiefly from the interior of South Carolina, seed of many new watermelons of high repute, and disseminating them. During the past season, fine specimens of some of these kinds were received, and the opportunity thus afforded of ascertaining their merits has not been neglected. At least four of them are unquestionably equal in quality to the Mountain Sweet when in its highest state of perfection; these are the Clarendon, Souter, Ravens-croft, and Bradford. Another, Odell's Large White, though not equal, in some respects, to the four preceding, will, on account of its size and productiveness, become a desirable and profitable variety for market purposes.

Watermelons #1

In Richmond county, Ga., this year, there were planted over 1,200 acres of land in Watermelons, the produce from which reached over $185,000.