To hear the Reports of the various State Fruit Committees, and from a comparison of results, to learn what fruits are adapted to general cultivation; what varieties are suitable for particular localities; what new varieties give promise of being worthy of dissemination; and especially, what varieties are generally inferior or worthless, in all parts of the Union.

It order to facilitate these objects, and to collect and diffuse a knowledge of researches and discoveries in the science of Pomology, members and delegates are requested to contribute specimens of the fruits of their respective districts; also papers descriptive of their art of cultivation; of diseases and insects injurious to vegetation; of remedies for the same, and whatever may add to the interest and utility of the Association.

The Massachusetts Horticultural Society has generously offered to provide accommodations for the Society, and also to publish its proceedings free of expense.

All packages of fruit intended for exhibition, may therefore be addressed as follows - 'For the American Pomological Society, Horticultural Hall, School Street, Boston, Mass.;' where a Committee will be in attendance to take charge of the same.

All Societies to be represented, will please forward certificates of their several delegations, to the President of the American Pomological Society, at Boston.

MARSHALL P. WILDER, Prerident. H. W. S. Cleveland, Secretary".