Florence Strawberry

Mr. Fuller thinks this is "so nearly like its paren 'Wilson,' "that I do not think it should be disseminated as a distinct variety".

Florida Articles

We have on hand numerous other articles of Al Fresco, upon grapes, etc., in Florida. They are exceedingly interesting, and will appear frequently.

Flower At The Chicago Exposition

At a meeting of the florists of Chicago, it was decided to make an exhibition of flowers, etc., at the next Chicago Exposition. An addition will be made to the exposition building of a glass conservatory, 100 by 25 feet, with wings 25 by 30 feet. The cost is estimated at something over $5,000.

Flower Beds

A Lady, (New Bedford.) Discard all your miscellaneous flowers, and fill your beds with verbenas, scarlet geraniums, salvias, and Petunias. They will stand the sun and dry weather, and make your garden gay at all times.

The Flower Garden. Bedding Out Plants

In many parts of the country it is not sale to trust bedding plants from houses or frames, to the open garden, before the first of June. We prefer waiting until the weather is settled, the ground well warmed, and all danger of frost over. Then get well-established plants, bed out thickly, water overhead freely in the evenings, and the ground will soon be covered; thinly planted beds look meagre. Among the plants adapted to our summer climate, the Verbena, Petunia, Scarlet Pelargonium, Heliotrope, Sakia, and Lantana, are prominent. The Cuphea platycentra, Argeratum cos-lestinum, Bouvardia triphylla, and Veronica Lindleyana, are also excellent plants for this purpose. Select pure and brilliant colors, and arrange the masses of each so as to produce the greatest effect. A great variety of plants is not so essential to the formation of glowing masses of flowers as an abundant supply of the best sorts.

Flower Grarden For December

WE may say, with the naturalist, under the head of snakes in Ireland, there are no snakes in Ireland; there is no outside flower garden in the northern and middle states in December; but if any soil or manure requires carting to the beds or borders, it can be done without injury to the turf when frozen, and will be ready for use when the frost is out of the ground, and leaves and prunings can be burnt out of the way, and stakes obtained for next season's tying; and beds of bulbs not yet mulched should be done at once; and all the bedding plants in safe quarters, examined and cleaned, and duly attended to for water, and occasionally fumigated with tobacco.

Flower Growing In Olden Times

In certain towns in the west of England, the annual flower show is made the occasion for street decorations, and prizes are offered for the best means of accomplishing this end. When the new docks and harbor of Flushing were opened by the king of Holland, the authorities offered the sum of ten guilders as a reward for the most prettily decorated house, and the prize was eagerly competed for by the residents of the lanes and alleys, as well as by those of the main streets. Every thoroughfare in the town was planted throughout its whole extent with fir trees, which were linked together in a tasteful manner with evergreens, the effect being further heightened by the aid of artificial fruits and flowers as well as ribbons of various hues.

Triumphal arches were raised at the more important points, and flags streamed gayly in every direction. When will we ever see a floral excitement like this in an American village?