Fleming's Hybrid Cashmere Melon

Seeds of this are advertised by Mr. B. Glendin-ning, of Chiswick. It carried off the first prize last summer at Chiswick, and is probably* the best Melon known.

Wake's "Alma" Cauliflower - is described as being superior to the Walcheren - very large and firm heads.

Flemish Beauty

W. H. Ragan has pears of the Flemish Beauty variety, grown by his father at Fillmore, Putnam county, Indiana, which grew upon a tree that has for the last seven years yielded fruit, the average sales of which amounted to two hundred and one dollars per year, besides what was required for family use.

The Flemish Beauty Pear

This variety is now declared to be the only variety recommended for general trial and cultivation in Minnesota.

The Flemisii Beauty Pear On Quince

It is somewhat remarkable that the Flemish Beauty is sometimes a total failure on the Quince, and at others succeed perfectly well. "We saw reoently a considerable number of very beautiful young trees of it in the nursery of Mr. Menand, on the Troy Road, near Albany; and Mr. M. informed us that he had not failed with it in a single instance. "We take pleasure in stating, in this connection, that Mr. M.'s little collection of dwarf Pears are all beautiful, showing the same skillful culture and training which distinguish his pot-plants. "A little ground well tilled," is Mrnand's maxim. We are glad to see him turn a share of his attention to hardy trees.

Floor Skates

Having our attention arrested by some curious looking objects' in a window in Broadway, we stepped in to examine them. They proved to be "Floor Skates," in-Tented by Mr. Shaler. The engraving in our advertising columns gives a good idea of them. They are fitted with flexible rollers made of gutta percha, and may be run on a naked floor, or even a carpet or oil cloth. Mr. Vail, the agent, took us into the " skating room," where we saw a number of boys enjoying themselves greatly, gliding about with as much ease and facility as if they were on a pond of ice, cutting spread-eagles, back strokes, etc. These skates are a great help to those learning to skate, and to young ladies and children they afford the means of an exhilarating and healthful exercise at all times. We have a high opinion of their utility, and commend them to notice.

A Floral Curiosity

In Santa Clara, Cal., there has been grown this year by J. B. Rinchart, a black lily with three large blossoms, each nine inches long, and perfectly black. The outside of the leaves are green, while the insido and edges are black. This might be called a floral phenomenon.

Floral Designs, Bouquets, Ornaments

Stephen . Warren, Troy, chairman. J. M. Lovett. Albany: Jefferson May ell, Albany; T. C. Abrams, West Troy.

Floral Vases

THE illustrations of Floral Vases and Stands, vhich we here introduce, are intended to show what may be accomplished with taste and a very little expenditure of money. They are made of silicious atone, found in the vicinity of Ipswich, England, and molded into all manner of forms for architectural and garden decoration. These vases are for either out-door or window use, and are suitable for the growth of almost any flower or ornamental plant. Tulips, Crocuses, Fuchsias and Lilies grow up in profusion, and are surrounded with dozens of other delicate yet beautiful annual flowers, while the ornamental Dracaena, Maranta or Begonia, with brilliant foliage, overshadow all with their crimson glory. Nothing can be more charming for window culture than a coterie of such lovely gems of winter gardening.