In our frontispiece are figured two very pretty and useful structures for decorating the lawn and garden.

Fig. 1 is a little summer-house for the garden, or among the shrubbery of the ornamental grounds, which has become covered with a perfect luxuriant mass of climbing vines. It is constructed of wood, very tastefully cut, and joined in fancy open-work figures, and its interior is apparently formed of various colored woods joined together, and varnished, forming a pleasing variety of native inlaid work. A table of same construction stands in the center, which is used for reading, or games. The ornamental shrub at the left hand may be either the Spiraea or the Weigela, while on the right hand is a vigorous clump of Hollyhocks.

Fig. 2 is suitable either as a garden screen, or better, to be placed in the center or side of a lawn path wherever there is a pretty view of scenery in the distance. Looking through the oval opening, the vista seems more distinct, and being less in extent, its beauty is enhanced. Short trellises are placed close to the ends of this frame, upon which are growing climbing vines. The structure is made entirely of wood, ornamented at the top with curved wire rods and bells, like the Chinese garden, house or temple. The climbing vines most suitable for planting here are Aristo-lochia, Trumpet Creeper, and Morning Glory. Best annual flower to plant at base in front is the Salvia splendens.