Hanging Evergreens For Winter

Some of the simplest and yet most beautiful embellishments for winter window decorations have been pots of the English Ivy (Hedera). The plants should be grown in pots in a cool, partially shaded situation during summer, being careful to have a stone or brick under the pot to prevent the roots gaining earth beyond the pot. In late autumn these pots of Ivy, with their dark, rich, green foliage, clean and glossy, can be transferred to the window of a sitting-room or library, and even should the temperature run down to zero, they are not at all injured.


To Jeffrey he writes: I am truly glad to hear of your pleasure in your little girl and your chateau. The haunts of happiness are varied, and rather unaccountable ; but I have more often seen her among little children, and home firesides, and in country houses, than any where else - at least, I think so.

A Happy Custom

In Switzerland there is a law which compels every newly married couple to plant six trees immediately after the ceremony, and two on the birth of every child. They are planted on commons and near the road, and being mostly fruit trees are both useful and ornamental. The number planted amounts to 10,000 annually.

Wanted - The address of every person, having a greenhouse or conservatory, in the United States; also, the name of every gardener and florist.

Will our readers send us list of any names of their acquaintance. We wish to send a specimen copy of The Horticulturist to all such.

Corresponding Editors:

Josiah Hoopes, James Taplin, Mark Miller. Vol, 29. April, 1874. No. 334

A Hard Question

"Can anything be done for saving the life of a hen when she has broken an egg in her?" asks one of our readers. How are we to know that such a catastrophe has happened? And what are we to do when we do know it? Give a dose of oil and apply one of Aunt Jemima's plasters? We give it up, and turn the subject over to some of our Shanghae friends for solution.

Hardiness Of Petunias

It may not be uninteresting to know, that under proper treatment many plants may be made to endure more cold than most people imagine. I have several things illustrative of this, but that which I consider the most striking is a "Shrubland rose" Petunia, of which I send examples. This has stood two summers and last winter against the wall of my dwelling-house, and seems in a fair way to stand this wipter. It has never received the slightest protection of any kind, except the wall against which it is nailed. - F. J., Faring-don, Berks, Jan. 5.

Hardiness Of Sweet-Apple Trees

It has been frequently stated that, as a class, trees bearing sweet apples are more hardy than those producing acid or even mild sub-acid fruit. We should like to hear of this from some of our Western fruit-growers.

Hardiness Of The Primula Japonica

The Florist says there can be no doubt of it, for the plants have stood all winter, fully exposed, in the trying atmosphere of London. The Floral Magazine says: "A Primula, a foot and a half high, bearing four or five separate whorls of flowers, each flower an inch in diameter and of a splendid magenta color, and the plant perfectly hardy! Can anything be added to this, to indicate its value?"