Manures are the secrets of success in small fruits and gardening. Mineral manures are excellent to add where the soil is already supplied with vegetable mold. We believe small fruit growers should not spend their money off the farm for manure, but should make it at home ; hence, we recommend them to keep cows - say. two to every acre they have in garden operations. See the rich bank of manure they will accumulate in the course of a single year. A cow of the average size will void about sixty pounds of manure in a day, measuring about 1 1-6 cubic feet, which is more than three cords - weighing over ten tons - in one year. The urine alone, in the course of the year, amounts to 900 pounds - worth fully double the solid matter. It has been proved that stable or barn-yard manure, composted with two or three times its weight of muck, is still as valuable for application as if kept by itself. Keep this under shelter; work it over until fully decomposed, and at the end of the year we have from every cow a pile of twenty-four cords of good compost. This is enough to fertilize two acres of land yearly, and keep up in highest productive condition. The sales of milk will pay all expenses of food and keeping, and leave the manure a clear profit.

These twenty-four cords of manure could not be purchased of any farmer for less than $3 per cord. Here, then, we have a clear value of $75 per year, for every cow from manure alone, and as much more from milk.