Pyrola Rotundifolia And Elliptica, (Pear Leaf Wintergreen.)

The habits of these plants are similar to the preceding, as also their flowers, except they grow on slender spikes.

Quality Of Baldwin Apple. Preparing Yarn For Root Grafts

WHATEVER may be said of the quality of the Baldwin apple in the Eastern States, it certainly falls below a satisfactory standard in this vicinity, particularly when grown on over-loaded trees - which they are pretty sure to be when the trees get age, unless they are thinned, which they are very sure not to be. But on account of its early bearing, great productiveness and uniformly fair surface, more of this variety is planted than any other, and poor as it is in quality, the demand for the Baldwin in market exceeds any other variety.

It is remarkable how little the consumers depend on their own taste, and how much they are influenced by the frequent mention of a variety in the selection of fruit; not knowing that it is the producer who talks and writes most about varieties, and that he is governed in planting altogether by the productiveness and attractive appearance of a variety, caring little about quality so long as the consumer is satisfied.

Queen Apple Or Nix's Green

This very beautiful Apple originated in North Carolina; it is one of the best fruits for early winter use, and was found in the orchard of Mr. John Nix, of Habersham County, Georgia. Size, varies from large to very large. Form, flat, or nearly so, and much the largest at the stem end. Skin, very smooth, of a yellowish-green color. Flesh, tender, subacid, and very pleasant to the taste. Ripens November to January, here; further north, would keep till March.



JOHN R. STANFORD, Clarksville, Geo.

Queen Of Denmark, Called Also Etoile De Marie

Pale blush, shaded with pink; very stiff petals; and first-rate form, in the way of Madame Vidot.

Queen Victoria

Quite distinct and striking in colors, showing at a distance a blending of blue, scarlet, and gold color, the disk being very dark or bluish green, the zone being fiery and the margin deep yellow.

Queen's County Agricultural Society

The nineteenth Annual Exhibition of this Society will be held at Jamaica, on Wednesday, the 19th of September. The Judges for the various departments have been appointed, but the prize list has not yet been completed.

Queen's County Agricultural Society #1

The annual fair of this Society was a decided success. Our account is crowded out, with many other things, till next month.

Queens Co. Agricultural Society

The time for holding the annual Fair has been changed. It will be held at Flushing on Thursday, the third of October.

Will " AEstivalis" please send us his post-office address?

Query. To Builders And Others

Are the cells of Anchorites, do you think, hermiti-cally sealed? - Punch.

Ques. 8. What influence has the stock upon the graft in modifying or changing the quality of the fruit?

Mr Sharpe spoke; and then - Mr. Brooks remarked, that more attention should be paid to the manner in which trees were propagated; for we often see the same variety of apples which, growing upon different trees, have not the same flavor. Certainly, the best scions are taken from vigorous trees, and the same rule will apply to stocks. The character of any stock, or of any bud, will perpetuate itself as well in plants as in animals.

After remarks from Messrs. Ellwanger, Barber, and Langworthy, who agreed that there was a strong analogy between vegetable physiology and animal, the further consideration, was on motion of J. Vick, Jr., postponed until next meeting, and members were requested to prepare themselves for the discussion.