The Tea Plant

The agricultural department of the Patent Office will have one hundred thousand vigorous tea plants ready for gratuitous distribution within three or four months. It is expected that American grown tea will enter the market within five years.

Tea Scented Roses

Adam; flesh color; very large; cup form.

Devoniensis; lemon white, tinted with pink; very fragrant; often called the Magnolia Rose. Gloire de Dijon; very large; buff color; quite new; was sent out as a fine yellow; because every person wants a yellow monthly rose. Goubault; bright rose, tinted with blush; very fine. Julie Mansais; lemon white, with yellow centre. Laurette; salmon, tinted with rose; large and fine; quite new. Madame Bravey; pure white; a good grower, and fine bloomer. Safrano; buds, before being fully opened, are of the most beautiful apricot color; very desirable. Souvenir d'un Amie; rosy pink; very large, handsome form, and one of the grandest of roses. Vicomtesse de Cazes; yellow, with deeper centre; a very delicate grower. Willermoz; creamy white, with salmon centre; a new and beautiful rose.

Tears With Hardy Blossoms

In these times, when our prospects of fruit are often dashed away by a single sharp frost, and when every spring season fruit growers' hearts are full of perpetual anxiety, it is worth while to call attention to the observations of a correspondent of The Prairie Parmer (B. 0. Curtis, Paris, 111.), who speaks from experience: Louise Bunne de Jersey is one of the most noted examples of hardy blossoms.

Belle Lucrative appears as if it particularly delighted in producing a full crop, when all others fail.

Flemish Beauty does not bloom in as great profusion as some others, but every blossom sticks, and a good crop of fruit is sure to follow.

The Temperature To Germinate Seeds

Seeds of hardy flowering plants require a temperature in the soil of about 50° or 60° to germinate well, and tender plants 75° and upwards. These facts should be borne in mind by those who would succeed with annual flowers, and the seeds be sown at corresponding periods in spring.

Temple Of Somnauth

As the gates of Solomon's temple, at Jerusalem, and those of St. Peter's at Rome, are said to have been made of the cedar of Lebanon, so it has been ascertained, says Sir W. J. Hooker, that the gates of the temple of Somnauth are constructed of the Indian cedar, or Deodar.

Ten Acres Of Tuberoses

Mr. Allen' plantation of flowering bulbs also comprises ten acres of tuberoses, which embrace over five hundred thousand plants. This section is just coming into flower; but, as it will only show a mass of pure white, it will lack the beauty of the gladiolus display. Of the lily tribe there are thousands of varieties of the double Tiger, Japan and other sorts. Indeed, the Japan lily forms one of the leading sorts in Mr. Allen's collection, as five acres are devoted to its cultivation. There are one hundred distinct varieties of lilies in these grounds.