Viburnum Awafurki

Of all the brilliantly - colored autumnal plants I have ever seen, the plant above named is the finest. Some of its leaves are now of a bright rose color.- Cor. The Gardener's Chronicle.

Vick'E Floral Plate

We have been favored with an elegant Colored Floral Plate, handsomely framed in black walnut, from the cordial hand of James Vick, Esq., Rochester, New York. It is the finest of all his achievements in this direction to the present time, and most admirable in conception and execution. The flowers are brought out into startling distinctness, and grouped in the most tasteful positions. It hangs in our office in a prominent place, and attracts the special attention of every visitor. It is no wonder that the public are so liberal patrons of so liberal a man. His issue of Catalogues for the Spring campaign was 185,000, and 125 hands were employed in filling orders for seeds. Next year he expects to issue 250,000 catalogues.

Victor Verdier

Clear rose, globular, fine form, free bloomer.

The Victoria. Begia

Mr. John Sayers, of Cincinnati, writes us: "I have been very successful with the Victoria regia, and have it now finely in bloom; have had leaves six feet three inches in diameter, which "astonished the natives" out here. It flowered for the first time on the evening of September 23d, at the time of our Horticultural Exhibition. I exhibited a leaf and flower, which attracted the attention of a great many to the Exhibition".

Victorian Wine

Another successful experiment, says The Melbourn Argus, with Victorian wine has been reported. Some white Metario wine of the vintage of 1868 was placed on board the ship Superb by Mr. Leplastrier when she was last here, and made the voyage to England and back. It was tried recently, and was pronounced excellent. It is a first-class wine, fullbodied, and of delicious flavor, and it shows the degree of excellence to which Victorian wines may-attain when well handled and properly cared for. It is Mr, Leplastrier's intention to send a rather large quantity of colonial wine home by the Superb on her present trip, and have it brought back again, in order more fully to determine what Victorian wines are really capable of.