Water Pipes

An article in the Horticulturist in reference to a supply of water for the garden, etc., has induced me to inquire what is the best method of bringing water in pipes? In the Patent Office Report for 1849-50 is a communication in regard to pipes of hydraulic cement) describing the manipulations to be performed in its construction. If you know about the cost as compared with lead or wood - also as to its durability, you would confer a favor by giving us an article on the subject I understand that pipes of cement have been used in Western New York many years. Abiel Briggs. - Sharon.

Water Rams

The extra water thrown up by rams is generally wasted, but a good contriver will make it useful for irrigating his garden, through which it may be conducted with scarcely any cost, by having a narrow board with low sides - as already described - that will move here and there, and while they stop the water, open at the same time an egress for it where it is wanted, say on a strawberry bed; complete irrigation may be practised, without any perceptible loss of time.

These hints should not be thrown away, and though they may seem little to great minds, life is short enough to make it an object to economize time and labor. In neighborhoods where much building is going on, such improvements may be well known, but there must be places where one or more of them has not penetrated.

Water Supply To Houses In Ancient Rome

The water from the aequeducts was finally received into huge reservoirs, one for public use in supplying the fountains, and one for private use in supplying the dwellings. When a supply was granted to a private individual, a branch pipe was inserted in the main; from this it was distributed to the leaden cisterns common to every house, and the supply was measured by a bronte tube termed calix, and which was stamped like an imperial measure; this calix was in the time of Agnetus constructed of lead; but the fashion was put a stop to when it was discovered that the water officers used to cheat the inhabitants by compressing the pipe. - Builder.

Watering Plants

It is an injury to frequently water plants on the surface soil. Reflection will convince any one that a pot full of soil cannot receive sufficient water to thoroughly wet the roots. It is time saved, once a week, to place the plants in a deep vessel of water, keep in the water until the air bubbles cease; also sponge over and under the foliage. It will keep the plants healthy. - Am. Farmer.

Waterproof Cement For Aquarium

I have been making an aquarium, - plate-glass front and back, and slate ends and bottoms, - and was very much puzzled to get it water-tight.. Here is the recipe for a cement that is waterproof, and will stand either heat or cold: - One part gutta percha; two parts pitch; simmered in a ladle, and well stirred. When hot pour it in the joint, and let it cool gradually. When cold it is tight. - Rosea.

Wauregan Raspberry

The same authority regards the Wauregan as "no more or less than the old Belle de Fontenay, a hardy, perpetual bearing sort, well known among nurserymen and fruit growers,"