THE finest collection of Azaleas in America can be found at the nurseries and greenhouses of Parsons & Co., Flushing. Those kept in the greenhouses were in full bloom in April, displaying a most gorgeous combination of colors. These were the Azalea Indica - a class of plants specially adapted for conservatories. Mr. Trumpe, the skillful propagator, who loves his Azaleas as dearly as a child, gives us a list of the very best varieties named below. Those starred are of extra selection out of a list of 150 varieties:

Adolphe De Nassau

Large, rose color; a free bloomer, and a standard variety.


Rosy purple.

A. Borsig

Double white; fine.

Bernard Andrea

Splendid, rose color; very large bloom; unusually fine. *Coloris Novo - Superb crimson.


Bright salmon; distinctly spotted.


Rose color; every one likes it; very popular with amateurs.

Duchesse De Nassau

Large, dark rose; shaded violet.

Eulalie Van Geert

Large, carmine; variegated.

Flag Of Truce

Double white; extra fine form.


Dark salmon; exquisite; clear.

Grande Duchesse De Bode

Large, salmon and rose; fine form.

Marie Vervaine

Variegated; crimped; extra white stripes.


Scarlet; extra profuse bloomer.


Very fine, rose. Modele de Marque - Splendid form, rose. Both of these are indispensable for every collection.

Prince Albert

Large flower; rose; old, but has a splendid habit of growth.


Splendid, variegated ; early bloomer. Punctulata omnicolor - Splendid, variegated; early bloomer. Both valuable for early forcing purposes.

Heine Des Roses

Red rose ; extra bloomer.

Roi Leopold

Splendid form ; scarlet and crimson on the petals.

Rosea Elegans

Fine rose; extremely brilliant color; overflowing with bloom.

Souvenir Du Prince Albert

Rose and white; a new and splendid type, with variegated petals.


Scarlet, with purplish eye.

Vittata Crispiflora


Vittata Punctata

White, spotted with rosy purple.

Ghent Asaleas

This is a class for lawn decorations, or borders in the background, for a brilliant show. They are very hardy - thrive in any good, warm, loamy soil, and are perfectly overflowing with their exquisite bloom in early June. Here is a list of choicest varieties:

Aretheusa Plena

Dark orange.

Baron George Pike

Large, orange. Bicolor - Orange; yellow and white; superb.

Calendulocea Coccinea

Orange, scarlet.

Calendulocea Elegans

Fine; orange, scarlet and white.

Coccinea Grandiflora

Scarlet; larger than above.


Dark orange.


Light orange.


Scarlet; fine.


Pink; late.

Graf Von Maran Plena

Fine, rose.

Honneur De La Belgique

Crimson, dark.

Lateritia Stricta


Monstrosa Conspicna

Orange, scarlet.

Narcissi Flora

Splendid, yellow.

Ne Plus Ultra

Extra, orange.

Penicellata Stellate

Straw color and salmon.


Light orange.

Pontica Bouquet De Flora

Pink and white: fine.

Pontica Globosa

Yellow, with white center.

Pontica Imperialis

Yellow; large


Large, orange.


Crimson, scarlet.




White; very fragrant.