Suburban Parks and Gardens of Paris - drawn to a scale, 50 Colored Plates.

Country Houses, Villas, Out-buildings, etc, near Paris, l00 City and Country Gardens of England - several hundred plates. Landscape Gardening by Downing, Loudon Gilpin, Ac.

Books of the Garden, of all kinds and styles, 2 vols. Plates. Rose - History, Culture, varieties, etc. numerous Colored Hates. " Annual - all the new varieties. Four splendid " "

Amatous Guide - best mode of culture, propagating, etc. Beautiful Leaved Plants - History, culture, propagation, etc 60 Colored Plates. Rustic Adornment - for Out-doors and in-doors. Many Plain and Colored Plates. Leaf and Flower Pic. uses, and how to make then, Colored plates. In-Door Plants - how to grow them - full directions. " "

Every Lady's Guide: to her own Green-house - full directions - Colored Plates. Flowers and Plants - Culture of by Glenny - very complete.

Orchid Manual - how to manage, and best varieties. " "

Chioce Garden Flowers - full directions for cultivation. " "

Wild Flowers - History of them and how to gather them. " " "

Ferns - Where found, how to grow them, directions for Herbarinus. Wardian Cases - History, management, and plants suitable for them. Aquaria - Fresh and salt water, full directions with plates. Birds - Complete account, directions for the ears of Cage birds. Insects - History of the various kinds, end how to preserve them. Wonders Of the Country - Birds, Bees, Insects, etc. Colored Plates, Objects of the Sea Shore - Shells, Sea-Woods, etc., " "

Paxton's Botanical Dictionary - History, Culture, do., of all plants.

Peach and Nectarine and Strawberry - Varieties and culture. Colored Plates.

Cordon Training Of Fruit-Trees, for Out-doors and In-door*, besides many others both New and Standard Works, on all subjects for the City, the Country, and the Sea-side.

All the new Foreign and American books received as soon as issued.

Subcriptions received for FRENCE, ENGLISH and AMERICAN PERIADICALS. Specimen copies can be seen, NEW OR olD works obtained or IMPORTED To ORDER. books, magazines, etc., BOUND -Cards, circulars, etc., frinted. Catalogues of Foreign and American Florists and Seedsmen, Agent for the Sale of Chamberlain's Patent MOSs Baskets for growing Plants, Fruits, end Flowers. - the greatest novelty of the day.

Also for Eberhardt's Patent Metallic Flower Pots, Fern Cases, Hanging Baskets, Propagating Cases, etc., beautifully ornamented in imitation of French China.

A call respectfully solicited by C. B. MILLER, Horticultural Agency, Feb. No. 29 BROADWAY, NEW YORK.

Novelties For 1862

My new General Descriptive Catalogue Of Bedding Plants is now randy, containing descrip-tions of ...

New Dahlias,

New Verbenas,

New Chrysanthemums.

New Fuchsias, etc., etc.,

Maited free to all applicants. Feb. 28 PETER HENDERSON, Jersey City, N. E.

"Rev. Henry Ward Beecher, Editor,"

Has now entered upon the 14th year of its existence, and is conducted with the same general principles and aims for which it was started. It is a religious newspaper of the largest class, Congregational but not sectarian in its denominational affinities. Orthodox but tolerant in its theological views, earnest and decided in opposition to Slavery, and to every organic or social iniquity and wrong, yet Christian in its temper, and lawful in its methods of dealing with public sins. In the great contest now waging in our country, The Independent is uncompromising in hostility to the rebellion, and earnest and resolute in upholding the Government.

In addition to a weekly summary of secular and religious news, carefully prepared, The Independent is enriched by a various and widespread correspondence from our own and other lands. In its selected religious articles and its original contributions it provides instructive reading for the family. Every week it contains.

BY REV. HENRY WARD BEECHER, reported expressly for its columns ; and it numbers among its special contributors some of the highest names in the religious, political, and literary worlds, viz:

Mrs. Harriet Beecher Stowe,. Rev. Theodore L. Cuyler,

Rev. Robert M. Hatfleld, Rev. Geo. B. Cheever, Horace Greeley.

Bayard Taylor,

John G. Whittier,

Charles L. Brace,

It will be the aim of its editors and proprietors to make THE Independent for 1862 even more attractive atd profitable to its readers, and more worthy of its mission for truth and righteousnes, than in any former year.

TERMS: By mail Two Dollars a year, payable in advance ; Delivered by carrier in New York and Brooklyn, Two Dollars and a Half. Address.


New Premium For The Children!. Merry's Museum For One Tear

Any one sending at ONE new subscriber, not himself, for one year, with $2, can obtain the above Magazine for ONE YEAR.

Stevens' History Of Methodism


Any one obtaining one new subscriber for one year to The Methodist.

Can receive the above as a premium.

The three volumes - making the most reliable, the most thorough, and the most interesting history of the rise and progress of Methodism ever written - are offered for three new sub- . scribers.

Specimen numbers of THE Methodist, containing list of Premiums of all values, sent free on application, Address:

PUBLISHERs OF THE METHODIST, No. 7 Beekman st., New York.




THE METHODIST has now been before the people nearly a year and a half, and its course has been such as to win the ENTIRE APPROBATION OF THE CHURCH.


At present residing in Paris as Corresponding Editor.

REV. DR. ABEL STEVENs and REV. DR. NADAL, are among its editorial corps PROF. SCHEM prepares its Summaries. ORANGE JUDD writes its Stock and Produce Markets. D. MELLISs writes its Financial article. PORTRA1Ts OF DISTINGUISHED MEN, with Life Sketches.


FAMILY READING, MUSIC, etc., etc., etc.

It has the Most Attractive PREMIUM LIST in the Country.

Send to the Publishers lor a Specimen Copy, sent free, containing a full list, with every ex planation.

For 66 Subscribers, at $2 each, we will send a Mason & Hamlyn's $75 Melodeon. For 50 " " " Mason & Hamlyn's $60 Melodeon.

For 40 " " " Wheeler & Wilson's $45 Sewing Machine, or a Finkle & Lyon's #50 Machine. For 30 " " Willcox & Gibb's $ 80 Sewing Machine.

For 20 " " " Irving's Works.

For 12 " " " Bayard Taylor's Travels.

For 5 " " " Webster's Pictorial Unabridged Dictionary.

STEREOSCOPEs and VIEWs of any value. GOLD PENs to any amount MUSIC in any quantity, etc., etc. TERMS. - $2 per year, payable in advance; 5 copies, $8; 18 copies, $20; 21 copies, $60.


Address, THE PUBLISHERs OF THE METHODIST, No. 7 Beekman st., New York.

1862. 1862.