Town and Villa Gardens, bow to lay out and Manage with Plans, etc, illustrated with several hundred Engravings - City and Suburban Gardens Of Paris; 50 Plates, beautifully colored - Rustic Adornments for Homes of Taste; splendid work, colored plates - Beautiful Leaved Plants; 60 magnificent colored plates - full description - Paxton's Botanical Dictionary; History and culture of all plante - Garden Favorites; their cultivation and propagation, colored Plates - Every Lady's Guide to her own Green-house; full directions. Plates - Parlor Gardens - In-Door Plants and how to grow them- Ferns - Orchid Manual - Plant in Wardian Cases - Wild Flowers - Garden Book of Annuals - Amateur Florists' Guide - Rose Amateurs' Guide - Gordon Training of Fruit-Trees - Cultivation of the Peach and Nectarine and Strawberry, colored Plates - Leaved and Flower Pictures, and how to make them - Butterflies - Birds-Bees - Insects - Aquaria - Sea Weeds - Shells, besides many others, on all subjects adapted for the City, the Country, and the Sea-Side.

All the new Foreign and American books received as soon as issued.

Subscriptions received for French, English, and American Periodicals. Specimen copies can be seen. new or old works obtained or imported to order, rooks, magazines, etc., bound- oards, circulars, etc., printed. Catalogues of foreign and American Florists and Seedsmen.

Agent for the Sale of Chamberlain's Patent MOSs Baskets for growing Plants, Fruits, and Flowers - the greatest novelty of the day.

Also for Eberhardt's Patent Metallic Flower Pots, Fern Cases, Hanging Baskets, Propagating Cases, etc, beautifully ornamented in imitation of French Chins.

A call respectfully solicited by C. R. miller Horticultural Agency, Jan. No. 29 BROADWAY, NEW YORK.