I. Biography Of Baron Steuben

The Life or Frederick William Yon Steuben, Major-General in the army of the Revolution. By Frederick Knapp. With an Introduction by George Bancroft. Crown 8vo, 715 pages, with steel portraiti Price, cloth $1.76; half calf $3.00

In the letter to the author, Hon. George Bancroft, the historian writes: "I have read your Life of Steuben with admiration and instruction. * * Your book must succeed, for it is thoroughly and well done, and is deeply interesting, and a most valuable and now necessary contribution to the history of our Revolution".

II. The Life of Andrew Jackson

By James Parton. Trade edition 3 volt,, crown 3vo, doth, $5.00; sheep, $6.75; half calf extra, $9.00. The same, royal 8vo, fine paper, cloth $7.50; sheep, $9.00; half calf $12.00.

Gen. Jackson is presented in these volumes as The Pioneer, The Soldier, The Statetman, and the author's fine powers of analysis, picturesque delineation, and clear statement of facts, were never employed to greater advantage.

"Every page is alive. It is romantic as a mediaeval romance, and yet has the advantage of being true. - Home Journal.

" Here is a life which is a life indeed, and before which the conventional and- common-place biographies of modern times sink into stupidity and insignificance." - N. Y. Journal of Commeres.

" It is in an eminent degree the book of the day."- Wathingion States and Union.

III. Partons Life And Times of Aaron Burr

Lieut-Colonel in the Army of the Revolution, United States Senator, third Vice-President of the United States, etc. 1 vol., crown octavo; with portraits on steel, and wood illustrations. 14th edition. Price, $1.75, cloth; $3.00, half calf extra.

IV. The Humorous Poetry Of The English Language

From Chaucer to Saxe. Edited by James Parton. 1 vol., crown octavo; with steel plate, 700 pages, cloth extra, price $1.50; full morocco extra $4.00.

V. Olmsted's Cotton Kingdom

A Traveler's observations on Cotton and Slavery in the American 8tates, based upon three former volumes of journeys and investigations by the same author. By Frederick Law Olmsted. 2 vols., 12mo, 376 and 408 pages cloth. With a colored Statistical Map. Price $ 2.00

VI. Olmsted's Seaboard Slave States

An Account of a Journey through the Seaboard Slave States, with remarks on their economy. By Frederick Law Olmsted. New edition. 12mo, 740 pages, cloth, price,$1.25.

Olmsted's Texas

A Journey through Texas; or, A Saddle Trip on the South-western Frontier; with Statistical Appendix. By Frederick Law Olmsted. l2mo, 650 pages, cloth, price $1.25.

Olmsted's Back Country

A Journey in the Back Country. By Frederick Law Olmsted. 492 pages, cloth, price $1.25.

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