The Agriculture of Massachuertts as shown in return of the Agricultural Societies 1854: Edited by Charles L. Flint Sectretary of Board of Agriculture.

We are indebted to the Hon. B. V. French of Braintree for a copy of this vol. We have had little leisure to examine its contents but in a hurried glance we see many items that merit a notice in the Horticulturist such are reports upon Orchards, Hedges Ac. which we shall refer to hereafter. This handsome volume is illustrated with cuts of the great Barn of David Leavitt Esq., at great Barrington, and that of B. V. French Esq., at Braintree. The last is described as " an almost faultless model," - cost above $6,000 - besides drawing of animals Ac.

A Practical Treatise On the Culture and Treatment of the Grape-Vine. By J. Fiske Allen. Sixth edition, enlarged and improved. New York, C. M. Saxton & Co.

A Treatise on the Theory and Practice of Landscape Gardening. By A. J. Downing. Fifth edition. New York, C. M. Saxton & Co. 1855.

The Mineral and Thermal Springs of the United States and Canada, By John Bell, M. D. Philadelphia, Parry & McMillan. 1855.

American Flower Garden Directory. By Robert Buist Sixth edition. New York, C. M. Saxton & Co. 1855.

The Practical Fruit, Flower and Vegetable Gardener's Companion. By Patrick Neill. Edited by G. Emerson, M. D. New York, C. M. Saxton & Co. 1855.

Botany of the Southern States. By Prof. John Darby. New York, A. S. Barnes & Co. 1855.

The World a Workshop; or, the Physical Relationship of Man to the Earth. By Thomas Ewbank. New York. 1855.

Books On Our Table #1

Price Current of August Tan Geert, Horticulturist, Ghent, Belgium; autumn of 1855 and spring of 1856.

Credentials of E.W. Bull, of Concord, Mass., the originator of the Concord Grape. From J. D. Ingersoll, Hion, Herk. Co., New York.

The testimony to the value of this grape, is certainly very full, and from well-known horticulturists. The grape may be pronounced "large, handsome and excellent"