We are indebted to some friend in Brockville (C. W.) for a nicely printed pamphlet; containing the officers, committees, premium list, etc, for the present year. The premium list is well arranged, and the premiums offered, quite liberal. The first meeting this season, is to be held June 29th, and the summer, or annual exhibition, September 14th, unless the state of the season may render it necessary to change this time, of which, at least ten days' notice will be given. The following are the officers and commitees:

WILLIAM MATTHIE, Esq., President. P. P. Colton, Dr. T. Reynolds, Vice-Presidents. Frank M. Holms, Treasurer. Jacob D. Buell. Secretary. Mr. Sheriff Sherwood, Wm. B. Simpson, James Cameron, George Morton, John Lawrence, Alex. Rodgers, David Wylie, Directors.

Committee Or Arrangements

Mr. Sheriff Sherwood, Chairman, On Flowers - Messrs. John Lawrence, Wm. Thompson, and Dr. Reynolds. On Fruit - Messrs. G. Morton, J. Cameron, and B. Coleman, Jnn. On Vegetables Messrs. Alex. Rodgers, Robt. Watson, and W. B. M'Clean. On Decorations Measrs. F. M. Holmes, W. B. Simp-son, and Jas. Crawford. On Finance - Messrs. D. Wylie, R. P. Colton, and J. Reynolds.

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