A correspondent at San Jose, California, writing early in January says: - "In this balmy western land, we sit to write by open windows, inhaling the perfume of heliotrope and mignonette. Daisies sparkle in the sun after the early shower. The fall-sown Italian and lawn grasses have covered the brown soil with tenderest green. Springing wild grasses are clothing the distant hills. Singing birds at this sweet morning hour fill the ever-green oaks with melody. Down the street, door-yards are bright with pinks and pansies. Hundreds of porches are festooned with delicately tinted roses. Scarlet geraniums and fuchsias climb luxuriantly through fences and over walls. Petunias, verbenas and the royal calla-lily are as common as morning glories were in the States twenty years ago. In the gardens and on the lawns of the wealthy, we find the golden blossoms of the acacia, the scarlet berries and graceful foliage of the pepper-tree and fine oleanders in a perfect blaze of roseate bloom. Our busiest Spring time of seeding and planting is here.

Farmers are busy with plow, harrow and drill; the orchardist and the vintner with pruning-knife and shears."