There are thousands in our extended country who are deterred from using much glass on their grounds, through fear of the cost. They can enjoy strawberries in February, figs in March, grapes in April, or peaches, apricots, and plums, in May or June; they would not even care to give double or treble the ordinary price for them at these seasons, but, at the rate of near a dollar a mouthful, republican purses very properly contract. But these luxuries are often more within our means than we imagine. . They can be produced in properly constructed cheap houses as well as in properly constructed dear ones; and we truly believe that, when our Yankee genius has been properly applied to the matter, we may have the best of hothouse grapes, in profusion, in May and June, coining a fortune for the grower, if he is in want of one, at 50 to 75 cents per pound.

We present herewith a plan of a cheap structure, which has been successfully employed, in Germany, for cultivating peaches, apricots, and grapes, as described in the London Gardener's Chronicle. It may not be exactly suited to our wants, but it will need very little modification. It may be remarked, that it is adapted only to cases where the fruit-trees are growing against a wall or fence: -

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