The Philadelphia Guano Company have introduced, this spring, the Colombian guano from the Venezuelan islands in the Caribbean Sea, and, from the analysis of the article, it is pronounced the best fertilizer of the kind yet discovered. The best contains eighty per cent, of phosphate of lime. Professors Stewart and Booth have analyzed various specimens, and give certificates of the above fact. It is estimated that the islands referred to contain an amount exceeding five millions of tons; some of the deposits contain a very large percentage of ammonia, while in that of others the superphosphate of lime predominates, with but a small amount of ammonia. One analysis of Professor Booth gives 78 per cent, of superphosphate of lime, which is nearly fifty per cent. greater than that obtained from bone dust.

A long lease of the islands, including the famous Bird Island, has been obtained by the Philadelphia Company. Their guano has been tested by farmers in Maryland to a considerable extent; Dr. Stewart, chemist of the Maryland State Agricultural Society, says:

"Highly as I appreciate the Mexican guano; still I do not hesitate to say that I would rather have four tons of Colombian than ten tons of Mexican, and I would rather have equal portions of Colombian and Peruvian applied to any wheat than Peruvian alone, or any other superphosphate alone".

The price is for 1 to 5 tons cash for 2,000 lbs. .... $40

" " " 51 to 100 " " " " " .... 35

The agents in this city are Richards & Miller, 92 South Front Street, of whom large or small quantities may now be procured. We recommend its trial by farmers and horticulturists. For the Pear-tree it will be invaluable.

Flora of the Colosseum at Rome, is the title of a London volume, by Dr. Richard Deakin. The author says that 420 species of plants are found growing upon the Colosseum, including 253 genera, and illustrations of 66 of the natural order of plants. There are 59 species of grasses, 47 of the syngenesious plants, and 41 of the pea tribe. This is in an inclosed space of six acres of ground, a limit that does not include the walls and ruins. This space includes a great variety of soil and temperature. The lower north side is damp, while the upper walls and accumulated mould are warm and dry; and the south side is still hotter, and more Italian. Strange mutation that one of the most innocent and poetical of the sciences should now choose the Colosseum for its favorite haunt, where the swarth Egyptian, the agile Moor, and the crisped-haired Nubian, struggled and died amid the shouts of Romans, uproarious in their holidays, the more delighted, the more savage the scene!

Colombian Guano #1

"Eighty per cent. of the phosphate of lime I" Is that so? and "five millions of tons I" Well, that will do - for awhile, at least. "A Philadelphia Company," the owners, too, of all this fertilizing wealth! What is the stock worth, Mr. Editor? We must look into this matter, and if it be "true to the card," somebody must make a heap of money out of those odoriferous heaps in question. I think, however, I'll look on and see how the guano works for a year or two, before I invest in it. Jefereys.