At the annual meeting of the Society, held March 5th, 1853, the following officers were elected for the ensuing year:

President - BENJAMIN BLAKE. 1st Vice President. - Alex. E. Glenn. 2d Vice President. - Anthony H. Lazell. Corresponding Secretary. - Henry C. Noble. Recording Secretary. - George G. Comstock. Treasurer. -Joseph H. Riley.

Council. - Francis Stewart, C. P. L. Baldwin, J. WM. Baldwin, and the President and Treasurer, ex officio.

Garden Committee. - John Miller, for five years.

A few specimens of fine fruits and flowers were exhibited, and several members expressed the opinion that thus far the prospects are good for a good crop of all the various fruits, and feel much encouraged to proceed in the labors and objects of the Society, and express the hope that they will have the aid of citizens generally, in prosecuting the laudable objects of the Society.

Columbus Horticultural Society #1

This society was organised for the present year by electing the following officers and committees:

President - John Miller.

1st Vice-President - Lucien Buttles.

2d Vice-President - Beiyamin Blake.

Treasurer - Adam Sites.

Cor. Sec. - Henry C Noble.

Recording Sec - Geo. B Comstoek.


The President and Treasurer ex officio and Messrs. A. E. Glenn, John Burr, and F. Stewart.

Garden Committee - Dr. I. C. Jones for five years; Benj. Blake four years; Lucien Buttles three years; Robert Hume Jr., two years and John Miller one year.